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Oregon’s economy needs attention

The 2013 Legislative Session is half over and, with the exception of the small progress made toward approving the reconstruction of the I-5 Columbia River Bridge, there has been no significant legislation to help Oregon be more attractive to job-creating businesses. Here’s a status report on Oregon’s economy: Nearly 1 in 5 Oregon families is [...]

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Job creation must be a priority

Oregonians continue to struggle to find work. New numbers from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics this week said that 173,000 Oregonians were unemployed in 2012. In addition, another 167,800 Oregonians were underemployed or unemployed but not counted. That’s more than 340,000 Oregonians who want a full-time, good-paying job. Further, for those Oregonian who are [...]

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Jobs are the ultimate answer

On Wednesday, the House passed two bills that will extend unemployment insurance benefits for up to an additional 26 weeks. Senate Bill 637 will provide 20 additional weeks of federal unemployment benefits to about 50,000 Oregonians. The $225 million this program costs comes from the federal government. If your benefits were set to expire in [...]

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Bold action needed to halt unemployment

The Oregon Legislature recently enacted two laws to extend the payment of benefits to unemployed Oregonians. This is good news for unemployed Oregon families. However, it may be bad news for future job creation. Senate Bill 638 provides for extended benefits totaling up to $30 million to be paid from the Oregon Unemployment Trust Fund. [...]

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