THREE-WORD THURSDAY: Diplomatic. Leash. Rupees.

Here comes another Three-Word Thursday, where Fish Hack is wondering what has brought all these foreign kings, princesses and attaches to Jacksonville?

Only Diplomatic Immunity would explain why virtually everyone walking a dog on the Jacksonville Woodlands trails Sunday morning was violating the dog-leach requirement as if the law of the land somehow didn’t apply to them and theirs.

Diplomatic. Leash. Rupees

Can’t get my arms around why most dog people think leash laws target only other people’s dogs and not their precious pekes or mindful mutts.

It’s not that difficult a concept, people. Walking your dog on the city’s trails means you must have it leashed AND controlled at all times.

City Code 6.04.030.

The code doesn’t have exemptions for cute dogs, fat dogs, old dogs, well-groomed dogs or even dogs that look like their owners. No “Opt Out” box to check because you think your boxer doesn’t deserve the humiliation of being tethered to your wrist.

It also doesn’t say it’s OK simply to carry a leash and consider putting it on your dog should you encounter another hiker or runner on the trail. And — yeah, I’m talking about you, Bald Guy with the terrier — there’s no exemption for your dog running free in front of you if you’re riding a bike.

City Code also says the fine for a violation is a minimum of $25 and no more than $200.

An officer could stand at the base of the Petard Ditch Trail and make it rain in tickets. Raise enough money to buy the city’s first stop light.

And don’t try to pay the ticket in Euros or Rupees in protest.

That wouldn’t be very diplomatic of you.

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