HAIKU MONDAY: On Bad Peeps. Clogged Colons and Late Steelhead

Welcome back to Haiku Monday, where that lack of flushing sounds you hear across America this morning can be  deemed Peep’s Revenge. They’re downed, but not yet out.

For a while.

Country’s clogged colons/The price for Peeps on Easter./What did you expect?

For you few Haiku Monday virgins out there, this is when and where Fish Hack goes all Japanese poet while waxing on and off about the outdoors and whatever contemporary B.S. comes flying onto the keyboard at the Fish Wrap.

For you Peep-eaters, it’s something to read on your iPad while on the throne today.

And too bad, because you should be out slaying the winter steelhead on the upper Rogue River, which is Fish Hack’s home waters.

The water’s dropping and clearing, putting steelhead on their horse and moving them upstream. Fish them near the bank and the inside turns of gravel bars, the steelhead passing lane for migrants.

Or hit the Grants Pass area because the spring chinook are starting to show.

Decisions, decisions.

Start for springers now?/Or whack the year’s last steelhead?/Fish Hack’s dilemma.

Think I’ll go steelhead, because there’s plenty of time to get pissed off at spring chinook, the non-biters that they are.

FishHack will have fresh steelhead in the smoker before some of you complete your Peep extraction.


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