HAIKU MONDAY: On Epic Bay Day, Wild Cohos and Dr. Drop-Your-Reel

Welcome back to Haiku Monday, where Fish Hack is coming off an epic day Friday on the Rogue River bay thanks to a little help from a few new friends.

Three of us hooked 23 salmon, boating 13 and four of those getting their eyes turned into x’s.

Day on the bay rocked./Took five minutes for first fish./Great non-work fish day.

For you Haiku Monday virgins, this is where Fish Hack waxes on and off non- Brazilian style about the outdoors and whatever, with some bad versions of Japanese poetry sprinkled in.

It’s the schtick that keeps on schticking.

Fishing with the Impact Physical Therapy team, of which Fish Hack bud B-Wink is a member. Hooked up at Jot’s Resort on Friday morning, Jumped in Steve Baksay’s driftboat and hooked that first coho five minutes into the first pass.

Stalking chinook, but boated just one. The other 12 boated salmon were coho, and only three were fin-clipped hatchery fish. That’s 25 percent keepers, which actually beats the 10 percent hatchery catch most boats have seen the past few coho seasons in the bay.

For a threatened species, wild coho sure seem bountiful.

Fin-clipped coho? Where?/Rogue wild coho heaven./One silver lining.

Yuk of the day came when Tim Roberts of Grants Pass was fighting a big coho and his reel fell off the rod.Took a Fish Hack assist to get the reel back in the seat and the fish to the boat.

Wild, of course. And away it went.

“So, does this get me a Haiku?” Roberts asked.

Ask for a haiku?/That’s never happened before,/Dr. Drop-Your-Reel.

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