THREE-WORD THURSDAY: Take-Home. Organic. Legit.

Welcome back to Three-Word Thursday, where Fish Hack is a little miffed at the favorite day-care conglomerate known as the Medford School District for making Fish Hack deal with his own Tax Deductions on this-here four-day weekend of theirs.

Just because Fish Hack gets more take-home pay because of them doesn’t mean he wants to spend any of it on them.

Take-home. Organic. Legit.

Looks like they’re on their own today while Fish Hack types out the final lies for this week’s Oregon Outdoors section. But Friday’s pretty wide-open, so might take the TDs to Diamond Lake for one last crack at turning trout eyes into X’s.

The difference between Fish Hack work fishing and kid fishing are two-fold.

First, MT shooter extraordinaire Jamie Lusch isn’t here. He’s at home with his new Tax Deduction, born in time for the 2012 write-off. That means little Liam will at least pay for himself until next year, when he really starts cutting into Jamie’s Kwikfish Account.

Secondly, no Green Lakes Organic Ale.

Always keep a few of the organics in the boat to toast salmon or steelhead that get inducted into the Aluminum Club, which they’re dying to get into. But not even Lindsay Lohan could keep up with toasts for all the dead trout D-Lake and its 8-trout limit can kick out.

Then again, TD#1 does have his learner’s permit. Doesn’t say Dear Ol’ Dad has to be awake in the front seat to make his driving legit.

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