HAIKU MONDAY: On Wet Woods, Warmer Rogue and Do Chinook Smoke After Spawning?

Welcome back to Haiku Monday, where Fish Hack is welcoming the first light rain of the season as the liquid elixir that it is.

Deer and elk hunters needed something to take the crunch out of the woods. Summer steelhead needed a reason to get active and fall chinook needed a little help moving into Bear Creek to spawn in the shadows of downtown Medford.

A little rain helps/Goose nature into action./Liquid elixir.

For you Haiku Monday virgins, this is when and where Fish Hack waxes on and off non-Brazilian style about whatever is outdoors. Mostly fishing and gambling, because that’s what Fish Hack is.

Degenerate Hack/Moonlights by betting football./Day-job hardly work.

The rainfall wasn’t that much, but even a sprinkle in October makes a world of difference.

A little tributary flow into the Rogue River, which is Fish Hack’s home waters, actually warms the Rogue and get steelhead a little more active. They bite better than when their teeth are chattering in colder-than-normal flows coming out of Lost Creek dam.

It also helped the opening weekend of elk season in the Cascades, where a tinder-dry forest was in extreme fire danger.

But it will do wonders for you Medford voyeurs waiting to watch big fall chinook do their thing in Bear Creek.

Peak spawning time is just over the hill and there are plenty of places to see mega-chinook spawn. For a list of places to watch, check out Friday’s Oregon Outdoors.

Chinook do the deed/While you people watch, shoot pics./’Nooks smoke when finished?

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