THREE-WORD THURSDAY: Scoop. Slow-dancing. Word.

Welcome back to Three-Word Thursday, where Fish Hack gives props to all those Southern Oregon elk hunters whose precip dances may not have brought much snow, but certainly enough rain to take the crunch out of the woods.

In fact, here’s a scoop for you Three-Word Thursday fans: Public-access restrictions to some private timber company lands have just eased for now in Southern Oregon.

Scoop. Slow-dancing. Word.

Plum Creek is now allowing walk-in and motorized access to its Southern Oregon lands while Lone Rock is allowing limited driving and walk-in access. However, a few like Hancock Forest Management hasn’t put its John Hancock on a letter granting any ease-up on its holdings, which remain closed to access.

Like slow-dancing at a church youth group, some access is better than no access.

See? Fish Hack isn’t just a fish schtick at this-here Fish Wrap, you know. Gotta throw a little love toward the nimrodders.

Newsflash: It’s been so damn dry this fall that most private timber holdings in Western Oregon had access restrictions or out-right bans. Conditions reached extreme before this week’s rains added enough moisture to get fire season in Western Oregon lifted Tuesday.

It was a little late for elk hunters, whose general season is over Friday. Lotsa elk camps have already broken and the boys have headed home.

But it’ll be welcomed by general-season deer hunters who return to the woods Saturday for their second season.

Word is some more easing of restriction could come next week if this weekend’s rains materialize.

For specifics, check out the Oregon Department of Forestry web site at

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