BOOK-IT! FRIDAY: Sunday’s Three Winners. You Play, Bookies Pay.

Fish Hack’s busting out a new standing blog entry today with the first Book It! Friday blog because you Steelhead Bums need some way to fund your jones and returning a garage full of empties sounds too much like work.

You Fish Wrappers know that if there’s one thing Fish Hack is, it’s a degenerate. And nothing makes degenerates salivate more than the NFL.

Last year and earlier this year, Fish Hack added NFL bets to the Three-Word Thursday and Haiku Monday posts, but the picks are popular enough that they’re getting their own day now.

Why pay some schmuck on a tip line when you have Fish Hack to lean on?

Hack’s 7-2 so far this season, and the three bets for this weekend should make it 10-2.

So, listen up:

NEW ENGLAND minus 7 over ST. LOUIS. (In London)

Brits will all clap at the wrong times as usua. They’ll give more love to Brady than Bradford, for good reason.


Some books have this game off line because J’ville’s got no running back or quarterback. It’s at Green Bay, which is looking for a patsy to pay for this year’s frustrations. Find a book that’s got it, and bet it.


With these offenses and lack of defenses, a tougher bet would be the over/under on punts at, say, 2.5


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