HAIKU MONDAY: On Skirmish Day, 31-inch Summer and Nate the Ingrate

Welcome back to Haiku Monday, where Fish Hack is hoping you steelhead bums are sitting on a few extra Benji’s today after going 2-0 on the bets Hack gave you in this cyber version of the Fish Wrap.

Would be nice if you tossed a little love Hack’s way for the perfect NFL wager advice.

Bet Hack’s football picks/Win enough to leave empties/For a losing day.

For you few Fish Hack virgins, this is when and where Fish Hack busts out a few pieces of Japanese poetry in an outdoor blog to give you degenerates exposure to a little more culture than what’s growing in the shower stall.

Bad haiku’s Hack’s schtick./Better than yelling “BOO-yah!”/Least Hack’s no schtick thief.

The Nov. 1 Skirmish (formerly known as the Nov. 1 Massacre) went off well. Took Fish Hack bud and newly announced dad-to-be Nate the Ingrate along the upper Rogue River, which is Fish Hack’s home waters. Released a fair posse of steelhead and missed more than we’ll admit. But did catch a 31-inch summer steelhead, the best in Hack’s boat so far this steelhead season. Had an extra fin so it’s eyes aren’t X’s.

Made the trip a true success. Luck for Ingrate that it was a pass-off from Hack’s rod.

Ingrate, grab that rod./Catch my fish.I’ll net it, too./Now pose with Hack’s fish.

Big male jumped at least two feet out of the water. And swam away heartily from Hack’s driftboat.

Awesome. And under the shadows of Lower Table Rock no doubt. Special juju there, for sure.

Here’s Ingrate and his catch.

 Don’t like your nick-name?Then row your own boat, fish-breath./And get your own blog.

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