THREE-WORD THURSDAY: Slick. Semi-Employed. Ike.

Welcome back to Three-Word Thursday, where Fish Hack knows that falling leaves, falling temperatures and falling rain mean in Southern Oregon.

Must be the last three days of bow season for black-tailed bucks here.

The bow boys who kept their tags slick by passing on smaller bucks all season will get their wet rewards.

Slick. Semi-employed. Ike.

This is a special week to be a semi-employed outdoor dude in Southern Oregon because the cornucopia of crap to kill is quite vast.

Along with archery bucks you got good duck and goose conditions, mushrooms right below the snow line and plenty of reasons to say yes to Dungeness in coastal bays.

But Fish Hack’s favorite play this week every year is fall chinook salmon in Elk River near Port Orford.

Big ‘nooks biting chartreuse flies stripped through the cold estuary waters just as high tide turns. Alaska-esque catch rates of fish with more sea lice on them than some of the locals have fingers.

Granted, Curry County can be a quite odd, isolated and a bit behind the times. There are still some locals hoping Ike runs for a second term.

But they do pay close attention to their tidebooks, which say the next week sports the very best tides for chinook to move over the beach and into Fish Hack’s path.

Just leave your bows at home, boys.

BOOK IT! Special: You degenerates who’ve read this far deserve a good play tonight to start week nine of the NFL off with a cash.

Indy is laying 3 to J’Ville on the road, where the Lions flossed their teeth with jaguar hair last week.

Hoosiers are treating Andrew Luck like he’s got a halo around the horseshoe, but the dude’s still in the bottom half of quarterback ratings.

Still, A-Dude has more skill than Luck and the Jags couldn’t score at a Kardashian family reunion.

Lay the 3. BOOK IT!

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