THREE-WORD THURSDAY: Bird. Investments. Platitudes.

Welcome back to Three-Word Thursday, where Fish Hack is man enough to admit he’s quite the master baster on this most edible and bettable of holidays.

The rivers are out of shape for steelhead fishing and three money-making NFL games are on, So Fish Hack will don that proverbial apron to cook one bird while flipping another at the television should Houston eff up and cover in the morning game.

Bird. Investments. Platitudes.

At the Fish Shack, it’s Hack who owns the kitchen on this perfect day of over-indulgence. Eats half a thigh while basting, then platefuls of turkey, stuffing and gravy while monitoring the investments on the flat screen.

Screw the mashed potatoes. Why waste the precious room?

And for all you cyber Fish-Wrappers who traditionally wallow in platitudes today about what you’re grateful for, Fish Hack has just three words.

Twelve and Six.

That’s the betting record so far this NFL season, with San Francisco easily covered Monday night.

 So here’s a Thanksgiving Thursday edition of BOOK IT! Friday.

First, there’s Houston at Detroit. Lions often collectively crap in their pillowcases on Thanksgiving, so the three points they’re getting likely isn’t enough. But they’ve been known to get plenty of garbage-time scores to cover most weeks as dogs. That’s why Hack’s playing this one safe by taking the over at 50 points.

For Washington at Dallas, you’ve got to take advantage of a Cowboys team that can’t even score at a Cougar Convention. Hack’s taking the under at 48 1/2 points.

In tonight’s finale, Hack’s comfortably laying 7 with New England over the Jets who join the Cowboys in the Non-Cougar Worthy scoring catagory.

You’d get more points from a forked-horned blacktail buck than Mark Sanchez.

BOOK IT! And pass the gravy.


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