HAIKU MONDAY: On Mocca Rogue, Steelhead Bums and Helping a Rich Dude

Welcome back to Haiku Monday, where Fish Hack doesn’t like his coffee a mocca and certainly not his home waters, the Rogue River.

Rogue’s living up to its name this week, roiling near flood stage and as brown as expensive java. And more rain coming.

Storms rippin’ the Rogue./No steelhead fishing in sight./Build an ark instead?

Haiku Monday is when and where Fish Hack yaps on about the outdoors, solid sports wagering and whatever else comes to this luke-warm intellect, with some lame versions of ancient Japanese poetry tossed in for yuks.

And yuks is all we got this week on the Rogue, where summer steelhead fishing is toast for the week. Too bad, too. Because late November and early December can be awesome on the upper Rogue for big summers in what amounts to winter fishing.

Summers in winter:/Steelhead bite plugs with vengeance/When the water’s clear.

So the oar seat in Hack’s driftboat will be butt-less for a bit, which gives Fish Hack time to moonlight in that financial endeavor known as the College Bowl Season.

Been betting bowl games with The Donor, aka Hack’s Dear Ol’ Dad, since second grade.

That fact right there is testimony that steelhead bums aren’t born, they’re created.

If classic underachievers like yours truly spent as much time trying to contribute to society as we do trying to out-think an animal with a brain smaller than a dime, not only would the world be better. We could afford some of that new gear we all want for Christmas.

That’s the great irony about high-end fly rods…the only ones who an afford them don’t have time to use them.

Spare a rod, Rich Dude?Hack will break in gear for you./Hack’s such a giver.

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