THREE-WORD THURSDAY: Interstate. Release. Lesson.

Welcome back to Three-Word Thursday, where Fish Hack again is pining about high water on the Rogue River, Hack’s home waters, and resisting the urge to use 10 more Kirstie Alley fat jokes to do it.

Those who missed the last week’s version, check it out HERE.

Hack’s personal fave? Kirstie Interstate.

Interstate. Release. Lesson.

That last rain hit super-saturated soils to create some pretty buff runoff into the upper Rogue. Flows peaked Wednesday morning at about 21,000 cubic feet per second and fell hard all day to less than 14,000 cfs by nightfall. That’s more than a third, but it’s all relative.

Like when Kirstie Alley was 300-plus pounds and lost 100 pounds, she got skinnier but she still wasn’t skinny.

While the Rogue is lower, it’s still not low enough to fish.

And it won’t be any time soon, regardless of what the USGS gauges predict.

Here’s a lesson on the Rogue…don’t pay much mind to the projected post-storm flows.

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers this morning began releasing the water captured in Lost Creek Lake during the past two weeks. Flows are ramping up from 2,000 cubic feet per second to 5,000 cfs, more than making up for the decrease in natural flows.

So the water you steelhead bums thought would be fishable tomorrow won’t be. That’s the reality of having a regulated river as your home waters.  It always will be bigger post-storm than it appears.

And that’s right up your Alley.

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