HAIKU MONDAY: On Sore Spine, Bleacher Butt and Chetco Steelhead.

Welcome back to Haiku Monday, where Fish Hack is chewing on leftover tri-tip from the Fish Wrap Christmas party and trying to cure a spine outta whack by sitting on even more lettuce.

Two more Sunday NFL wins against the points puts Fish Hack at 18-8 for the season, meaning the Tax Deductions and The Most Significant Other will get more than IOUs and leftover Halloween candy in their stockings.

Gotta win the wealth to spread it.

Fat wallet hurts spine./Better spend some cash on runts./

Before Fish Hack had Wallet Spine, he had a serious case of Saturday Bleacher Butt. Tax Deduction No. 2 and her basketball buds crushed the opposition in three games to end out their season on top, again.

But that’s three games. Six hours nesting on high-school bleachers ain’t what it’s cracked up to be.

At least TD#2 scored and dished enough to beat the spread, just like the Packers did Sunday.

Bleacher Butt worth pain./TD2′s hot day on court/Means she gets dinner.

Had they gone 1-2, Hack would have bitched that a day on the Elk. Sixes or Chetco rivers fishing fresh winter steelhead would have been much favored. Those rivers were full of fresh steeelhead after the last spate of storms.

And at 18-8, Fish Hack has enough lettuce to afford the gas.

Elk and Chetco rock./Lots of big steelhead in each./Roe, plugs. Pick your fave.

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