HAIKU CHRISTMAS: On a New Rogue Secret and Fishing Major Christian Holidays

Here we are at Haiku Christmas, a once-a-year feature on this cyber version of the Fish Wrap coming out Christmas Eve not because Hack’s a Bahh-Humbugger. It’s because this bugger is doing what the IRS considers to be…working.

You people don’t think I’d write this blather for you off the clock, do you?

It’s not honest work/Life as the Fish Wrap’s Fish Hack./Just better than yours.

For you Haiku Monday virgins, this is when and where Fish Hack waxes on and off non-Brazilian style about the outdoors and whatever comes to mind, with some lame versions of Japanese poetry sprinkled in.

It’s the best shtick Hack’s got that isn’t mercilessly swiped from guys who blog from their parent’s spare bedroom about fishing just to squeeze tackle companies for free gear.

Another difference is that Fish Hack’s waaaaay in the know, and here’s some holiday news for you.

Thanks to Cole Rivers Hatchery elves, there are about 2,200 new presents under hypothetical tree known as the upper Rogue River, Fish Hack’s home waters. The water dropped and cleared enough for the release of 2,200 recycled “retread” steelhead on Christmas Eve.

Half were released at TouVelle State Park, the other half upstream on the Modoc Unit of the Denman Wildlife Area.They’ll be biting today, so why not break out the gear.

There’s something to be said for fishing major Christian holidays. Those with baggage like faith and family seem to feel obligated to them during these days.

‘Tis not for Hack to ask why, just to learn to what extent.

Steelhead Bums certainly know Christmas is a great day to fish. And those smart enough to read this blog will at Modoc tossing spinners (no bait until New Year’s Day there, boys) while ol’ What’s Her Name and the Tax Deductions swap crap like they care.

The best Christmas gift?/ Tell your Bum to hit the Rogue./He’ll love you for it..

Just make it home for Christmas dinner.

Just ‘cuz I’m your Dad/Doesn’t mean no Christmas fishing./Priorities, kid.

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