BOOK IT SATURDAY! Last Chance to Cash on Fish Hack’s Tips

One last BOOK IT! for the regular season comes via computer remote as Fish Hack is so far away from the Fish Wrap this weekend that even the Pinkertons couldn’t find him.

Still, Hack’s got a few wagers that should keep you degenerate Steelhead Bums in enough cash going into the playoffs that you can keep those empties in the garage like a savings account.

Now, you Fish Hack faithful who’ve drank the Kool-Aid every BOOK IT! are 18-8 this season. Provided that you steered clear of the dreaded parlays, that puts you up a cool $455 if you laid $50 against the number on each pick. That’s enough to buy a new Rogue fly rod, most of a stolen 8 hp outdboard on Craig’s List or a three monthly payments on Tax Deduction No. 2′s braces.

To finish off the regular season at a cool 20-10, play it the Fish Hack way.

First, you got Chicago at Detroit, with the Lions getting 3. Never mind that. Playing the over at 45 points looks pretty easy, since it’s indoors and both teams’ defenses have as many holes in them now as O.J.’s alibi did way back when. Take the over.

And then there’s Buffalo laying 3.5 to the Jets, who have gone back to Mark Sanchez after passing over Tim Tebow as often as Lindsay Lohan says no to a designat

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