THREE-WORD THURSDAY: Over-Indulgence. Degenerates. Butt-Puckering.

Here we are at Three-Word Thursday, which sees Fish Hack back on track after 10 days away from the Fish Wrap in pure over-induilgence.

Nothing like mega-feasts, holiday brews and almost around-the-clock football bets to end one year and start another.

 Over-indulgence. Degenerates. Butt-Puckering.

First, for you degenerates who have stuck with Fish Hack’s BOOK IT! Friday NFL bets, you went 20-8 against the number.  That’s a 71 percent cash rate, which should put Fish Hack on your Christmas list for giving you degenerates virtually free money without having to break down a single NFL game yourself.

With the regular season over, Fish Hack spent New Years Day floating and fishing the middle Rogue River with Hack bud Jeff Barnard of Grants Pass. Found good water conditions but butt-puckering cold weather that conspired for a slow day for early-run winter steelhead.

That fishery will do nothing but get better over the coming months. After up-ticks in fall chinook and summer steelhead returns, expect a strong winter steelhead run for Fish Hack’s home waters of the Rogue.

And you Duck-philes out there. Finally your Web Heads not only will win a BCS game, they’ll finally cover. Give K-State the 9 points and enjoy tonight’s game.

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