HAIKU MONDAY: On Unproductive Mondays, Beer Breath and Universal Hydration Needs

Here we are at Haiku Monday, where Fish Hack is weighing in a little late in honor of today’s distinction at being the country’s least productive business day of the year.

Post-Super Bowl hangovers and BS-ing in the coffee room on whether the 49ers got jobbed is more important than doing your job today.

Super Bowl Monday/Breaths smell like beer and nachos/Wallet filled with ones.

For you few Haiku Monday virgins out there, this is when and where Fish Hack waxes on and off non-Brazilian style about the outdoors and whatever comes to mind. Gambling always gets a nod.

Fish Hack had the Ravens but rooted for the Niners, so that non-call in the end zone could have given Fish Hack a rare double-dip by rooting for the winner and cashing on the cover.

Did hit a square at our fab friends’ annual party, which put a big enough wad of ones in Fish Hack’s back pocket that Hack would have earned VIP treatment at the Brass Rail.

Strip-club bankroll: Ones./Wallet’s too big to sit on./Throws Fish Hack’s back out.

Super Bowl hangover comes with full knowledge that millions of Americans join Southern Oregon rivers with a serious need for hydration.

A lack of rain has coastal streams too low, clear and cold for good winter steelhead fishing despite excellent returns of hatchery and wild fish.

Hope to get a little precip by Saturday, when Fish Hack plans to his the Galice stretch of the Rogue River, Hack’s home waters.

Fish your home waters/Like they owe you a steelhead./Be grateful for it.

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