THREE-WORD THURSDAY: Damn-Good. Imminent. A-Huntin’

Welcome back to Three-Word Thursday, where Fish Hack is rockin’ March Madness bets and chasin’ lobos while that great babysitting service known as the Medford School District begs out and lets the Tax Deductions run wild for two weeks.

All in all, it’s gonna be a damn-good day.

Damn-Good. Imminent. A-Huntin’.

Fish Hack’s second job at the Fish Wrap is taking cash from the pockets of his fellow wrappers, and this-here NCAA tourney is a top take.

The game is simple: Eight playas draft eight teams from the field of 64. Add up the wins, and top three cash.

With Kansas, Marquette and Syracuse still on Hack’s big-board, payoff is imminent

But first, Fish Hack has to go a-huntin’.

Yours truly and Fish Wrap shooter d’ excellance Jamie Lusch are out today searching for OR-7, that wandering wolf that famously has returned to Jackson County.

Fish Wrap readers can’t get enough of OR-7′s wandering search for a mate. So we’re going looking for him…not with flowers and chocolates but a desire to get a rare photo — and perhaps some video — of him.

Missed the latest on OR-7? Check it out HERE..

Stay tuned to the cyber and paper versions of the Fish Wrap to learn what it’s like to be on the trail of the first confirmed wolf in Western Oregon since 1937.




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