HAIKU MONDAY: On Extra School District Babysitting, Rogue Chinook and Bleacher Butt

Welcome back to Haiku Monday, where Fish Hack is partaking in the last free use this spring of that great babysitting service known as the Medford School District.

Now Fish Hack has to take an active role in raising those two Tax Deductions, just as the spring Chinook are starting to make noise on the Rogue River, Hack’s Home Waters.

Home Waters or kids?/Rogue Chinook more rude than Runts/And can’t deduct them.

For you few Haiku Monday virgins out there, this is when and where Fish Hack waxes on and off non-Brazilian style about the outdoors and whatever the hell else comes to mind, with some bad versions of old Japanese poetry sprinkled in as the schtick.

The Tax Deductions are in school today thanks to an ill-taken snow day this winter because the buses couldn’t negotiate McAndrews Hill, which was built too steep for winter traffic during East Medford’s boom years. A small price we in Medford must pay for the fortunes of a few.

Suits Hack well. The TDs go to the sitter while Fish Hack gets a late start on a springer float along the upper Rogue.

Taklema to Dodge:/Hack’s fave short float for springers./Gotta what a ‘Nook.

The TDs aren’t much into river fishing. Not liking the 3:30 a.m. alarm or spending that much time doing what Dear Ol’ Dad tells them to do.

No bother.

They’re their own people able to rock their own worlds, which right now is football and basketball.

Play on, TDs.

Dad’s got beacher-butt/From watching games, ‘stead fishing./Happy to do so.



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