THREE-WORD THURSDAY: Missing. Steelhead. Inscription.

Welcome back to Three-Word Thursday which has joined Fish Hack’s fishing prowess on the Missing list until today.

Starting this evening, Fish Hack plans to start turning eyes into X’s once again thanks to the return of summer steelhead to the upper Rogue River, Hack’s home waters.

Missing. Steelhead. Inscription.

The spring chinook season on the upper Rogue has been brutal to Fish Hack, who logged about 12 hours of fishing to get one springer…a wild one that Hack caught about 300 yards too far upstream to keep.

But that’s all in the prop wash now that summer steelhead have returned.

Heading this evening from the Fish Wrap straight to the upper Rogue to launch the driftboat and attack these easy-to-catch critters.

Hack’s guess is three will come to the boat, and at least one will be missing the right fin to get face time at the Aluminum Club and inscription onto that roll of honor known as Fish Hack’s 2013 Combined Harvest Tag.

That will get Fish Hack’s Fishing Prowess off the milk milk carton. 

So why start now?

In the past, Fish Hack’s rule of thumb was to start steelheading as soon as 500 summers crossed Gold Ray Dam. With the dam gone, the only other place to count early summers is Cole Rivers Hatchery.

There were 40 summers in the can there as of last week, then Wednesday’s count at the hatchery collection pond put the summer steelhead count at 78.

 Fifty’s the new 500.

Timem to go.

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