HAIKU MONDAY: On Boundary Springs and ‘Nooks Swimming in Hack’s Toe-Jam


Fish Hack's right foot in the frigid waters of the Rogue River at its source: Boundary Springs.

Welcome back to Haiku Monday, where Fish Hack knows that if you want to get to the bottom of something, you go to the source.

That’s especially true when Hack’s talkin’ about his home waters, the mighty Rogue River.

Where it all begins:/Pure water spews from boulders,/Starts journey to sea.

For you few Haiku Monday virgins out there, this is when and where Fish Hack waxes on and off non-Brazilian style about the outdoors and whatever the hell comes to mind, with some bad Japanese poetry sprinkled in as the schtick.

And that schtick took Hack and nine of his better buds to Boundary Springs, the source of the Rogue.

It’s a 5-mile round-trip hike, but certainly a necessary one for someone who has spent more than a quarter-century investigating, reporting and fishing Oregon’s premiere river.

The Source is truly amazing as it is understated. Water unceremoniously spews from the base of a fir snag, cold and crisp and as pure as possible. Cool to the throat but numbing to the foot.

As water gurgled down the first waterfall, Hack couldn’t help but wonder how long that little burst of water will take to navigate the 215 miles to the jetty jaws in the lower Rogue bay, and how many salmon, steelhead and cutthroat trout it will touch in the process.

Thankfully, Hack lives the unreflective life. That made it easy to segue quickly to the thought of all those Chinook and steelhead that turned away from Hack’s flies, lures and bait sucking on Rogue water laced with Hack’s toe-jam.

Smell my foot, Chinook./Boot sweat now all over you./That makes us even.


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