THREE-WORD THURSDAY: Saddle. Paddle. Biff.

MT shooter Jamie Lusch takes pics of stand-up paddler Jamie Billett paddle part of the old Powerhouse Falls on the Rogue River.

Welcome back to Three-Word Thursday, where Fish Hack is back in the fourth-day saddle after a Haiku Monday summer.

Adding back BOOK IT! Friday as well, for you degenerates who are looking to turn a buck betting on NFL games.

Saddle. Paddle. Biff.

This week’s Oregon Outdoors section reeks of the historical phenomenon in which the latest generation has to show their parents that, when it comes to extremes, the Old Guard can’t hang.

Stand-up Paddleboarders — those dudes and dudettes who stand on glorified surfboard and use a long oar to power around lakes — have taken now to running Rogue River rapids for fun and profit.

Friday’s main Oregon Outdoors story focuses on Saturday’s SUP races at the former Powerhouse Falls, where paddlers plan on running Class III and harder rapids while trying to stay on their feet.

It’s much harder than it looks.

Check out MT shooter extraordinaire Jamie Lusch shooting Ashlander Jamie Billett heading into the top end of Grandma’s Run.

Did he biff or did he stand tall?

You’ll have to check out Friday’s edition to find out.


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