BOOK IT! Friday: More Money Through Smart Wagering

The NFL is back and that means Book It! Friday is as well, giving you degenerate readers a chance to put some cash in your pockets thanks to Fish Hack’s betting expertise.

And what does this have to do with fishing, you ask? Well, all good steelhead bums are degenerates who need help in their picks just like they do with their fishing.

And Fish Hack is Da Man in both epartments.

Last year’s Book It! Friday readers know that Fish Hack went 24 and 10 last year on regular season bets pre-published in this-here blog. If you would have bet $50 on every Fish Hack fave, you would have cleared $650 simply for reading this blog and texting your bookie.

And Fish Hack can’t wait for Book It! Friday as well. These wagers have been the moonlighting job Hack can’t bare to work in a legit form.

However, this first bet of the 2013 season is certainly legit.

New England is going into Buffalo laying 9 points to the Swills and their infant QB. The Pats aren’t as healthy offensively as they need to be, but even with Tim Tebow spinning it, New England could clear the number comfortably by halftime. Lay the points.

Here’s a bet that jumped out at Fish Hack when it opened with Detroit laying 1 1/2 points to Minnesota. By Thursday, the line had jumped to 5. But don’t get suckered. Never bet good money on bad teams. But two bad teams can make for a good game to steal some coin.

The important number for the Lions-Vikes game is 46 1/2, an awefully low total points considering this is Stafford indoors with Megatron on a fast track…and the Lions couldn’t stop Peterson with a Claymore. Both teams easily will score in the 20s, making a bet on the over into easy chump-change.

Lastly for Sunday, Oakland at Indy has the makings of a blood-bath. Oakland would be .500 team in the PAC-12 but not the NFL. This line opened at 7 and rose to 9 1/2 points when Fish Hack pulled the trigger on these-here Colts. It could go up another point before kickoff, so lay the points ASAP to get the best price possible on Indy.


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