BOOK IT! Friday: A Red-Zone-Free Weekend Leads to Cash

Back at BOOK IT! Friday as Fish Hack has shovel in hand and is about to start digging out of this hell-hole dug during the first seven weeks of NFL betting.

Didn’t get that Pick Six from Casey Keenum as expected out of the Texans, losing Fish Hack some loosely earned cash in the process.

But that doesn’t shake the faith for Sunday worshippers of all things pigskin…and you steelhead bums looking to get some cash in your pockets without having th cash in that garage full of empties.

First, there’s Pittsburgh at Oakland, two woefully achieving franchises that deserve to be playing under a running clock. Even though they won’t it’ll look like it. That makes the under 41 points a good wager for two teams ready to keep the action between the 30s.

Monday night has Seattle traveling to St. Louis, which is so pathetic they got turned down by Brett Favre because he couldn’t play QB in his Wranglers.

Seattle has been winning on the road, but in low-scoring games. Without a QB, the Rams couldn’t score in a Red Light district, let alone the Red Zone. That makes the under 43 1/2 a solid play.


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