THREE-WORD THURSDAY: Awake. Smiley. Thailand.

Here wer are again at Three-Word Thursday, where Fish Hack is putting to bed the fishing seasons at Hyatt and Howard Prairie lakes, but staying awake on Diamond Lake.

Thanks to the new year-round rules, Diamond Lake will see trout’s eyes turned into X’s on All Saint’s Day for the first time in decades.

Awake. Smiley. Thailand.

It’s been an odd year for anglers on the Dead Indian Plateau, with fascillating trout bites at the two main reservoirs that have been drawn down significantly this year.

And faces haven’t been so smiley at Diamond, where reduced trout stocking last year turned into smaller stringers of rainbows this year.

Just two years ago, Fish Hack’s line was that it was easier to catch a trout in Diamond Lake than an STD in Thailand. Not the same any more.

Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife biologists say they will look at catch rates next month and look into whether stocking levels at Diamond will change.

Until then, enjoy the November fishing until the ice starts forming.

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