HAIKU MONDAY: On High-Water Steelhead and Turkey Vulture Hygiene

Welcome back to Haiku Monday, where Fish Hack is watching those stream gauges to figure out when it’s time to truth-test the tips Hack tossed your way about high-water steelhead fishing in Friday’s Fish Wrap.

Miissed it? Read the rag./Hack shows how to rock the Rogue/Click on the piece HERE.

For you few Haiku Monday virgins out there, this is when and where Fish Hack waxes on and off non-Brazilian style about the outdoors and whatever the hell else comes to mind, with a few versions of bad Japanese poetry tossed in as the schtick.

Floated the upper Rogue for steelhead Sunday and Fish Hack was able to say happy 2014 to two returnees.

Spied the first osprey of the season, followed shortly by the first turkey vulture of the year.

Two birds signs of spring./Osprey, vultures rock the Rogue/Nice to hear that screech.

While ospreys are a signature Rogue bird, the turkey vulture still ranks at the top of Fish Hack’s list of fave river birds.

Hack adores vultures./Professional courtesy/Hack, bird much alike.

Pariahs, a bit lazy and not really willing to work for its food are obvious shared qualities.

But Hack’s a big fan for something else.

It’s a little-known fact that turkey vultures have a unique version of air conditioning when it gets too hot out there.

The actually pee down their legs to cool them off and to kill bacteria.

Ah, the power of piss.

Those who don’t believe Hack can check it out HERE.

Those who do? Well, it’s probably because you’ve probably¬†already read the “Ode to the Vulture.”

Eat dead fish by morn./Dribble down to your talons./Just because you can.

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