HAIKU MONDAY: On High Desert BBall and B.S.

Welcome back toHaiku Monday, where Fish Hack is finally back at the Fish Wrap after a three-day hoop tourney in Bend, where the North Medford varsity girls took no prisoners in a clean sweep of High Desert teams.

Glad to be back in steelhead country.

Can’t leave steehead long./Hack’s a West Sloper for sure./Keep your desert, Bend.

For you few Haiku Monday virgins, this is when and where Fish Hack waxes on and off non-Brazilian style about the outdoors and whatever else comes to mind, with a few forms of bad Japaneze poetry sprinkled in as the schtick.

You need a schtick to stick out in a place where everyone and his sister with a wooden leg has a blog.

Least Fish Hack’s not writing it from the parents’ garage converted into a bedroom.

As for Bend, it’s an enigma for sure.

10-Barrel is the best brewery in Oregon. Great downtown. Hack could certainly do without all the puffy coats in the winter.

But one thing that hacks Hack off about Bend (other than the piss-poor homer referees) is how they treat their downtown river.

The good citizens of Bend have hacked their stretch of the Deschutes and turned it into a summer floatie pond. Sure, it’sa nice thought. But how about taking care of your stream?

How can you ask upstreamers to take care of headwater habitat when you treat your downtown riparian zone like ear hair?

Take care of your stream./Desert bakes Deschutes water./That stretch is B.S.



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