HAIKU MONDAY: Reconstituting an Institution

Welcome back to the official restoration of Haiku Monday, where yours truly, the Fish Hack at the Fish Wrap, waxes on and off non-Brazilian style about the outdoors with some bad versions of old Japanese poetry pitched in as the schtick that keeps on shticking.


Haiku Monday’s back:

Hide your sensibility

You might learn something.


So, Fish Hack is back in this-here cyber corner of the Fish Wrap after focusing more on writing and reporting about the outdoors for the Fish Wrap’s actual paying customers behind the firewall. But it’s come to Hack’s attention that the free-loaders who read blogs that don’t require subscriptions or even registration need their dose of outdoor musings in the form of 17-syllable poems just like everyone else.

Hence, this-here reconstitution of an institution that could probably lead to institutionalization.


Want Haiku Monday?

Like the Rogue: Just add water.

Poems, steelhead, will come.


This past weekend’s rain-on-snow event, along with a hummer of a storm headed this way tomorrow, have blown out the Rogue enough that you steelhead bums may as well clean out the garage of empties. Yep, you’ll have that much time.

Depending upon how the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers deals with water it will be capturing this week in Lost Creek Lake, the upper Rogue doesn’t look fishable until next week.

But when it does pull into shape, look out.

This event will mean winter steelhead will be the next Rogue denizen to make its way to the upper Rogue early and often.

Just like how the mid-October flush pulled lots of surprisingly chrome hatchery coho to the upper Rogue when it receded, winter steelhead likely will do so as well.

Most years, Fish Hack doesn’t even bother hunting winter steelhead below Grants Pass until Sub-Par Bowl weekend. But these high-water events should drag those fish 50 miles further upstream than we’re used to for mid-January.

When they do, rest assured Fish Hack and his intrepid photographer Jamie Lusch will force ourselves out of the office and onto the water to chronicle the start of this year’s winter steelhead season.


Steelhead are Hack’s friends.

They bite well, wiggle and grin

For Lusch’s cam-ra.

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