BOOK IT! Friday: Three-Teamer for the Cash

Welcome back to BOOK IT! Friday, where Fish Hack is still two games under .500 after splitting last week’s picks. Shoulda been 3-0-1, but the Lions did it again.

Cutting to the chase…

First, Fish Hack’s looking at Atlanta at home laying 7 to a Tampa Bay team that goes as JW goes. He was good in last week’s loss, just missing 300 yards but more importantly no picks. Atlanta has a knack for winning but not covering at home. Tampa Bay has a knack for losing on the road, but covering. This has all the makings of a back-door cover, so take the points.

Minnesota is getting 1.5 points at Chicago, strictly because these teams often swap home wins in this series. The Vikes are coming off a nice come-front-behind-to-cover win at Detroit. Normally, two straight division road games can be tough, but look for Minnesota’s good secondary to leave Cutler with the leaderless gaze that’s been the hallmark of his career. Take Minny.

In the afternoon games, likin’ all three but the Raiders getting 3 points at home against the Jets looks like stealing kindergarteners’ Halloween candy. Raiders are on a roll, tough at home and the AFC East has a history of struggling when hitting the Left Coast. God Raiders!


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BOOK IT! Best Bets for Steelhead Bums

Let’s get down to business so you steelhead bums have some beer money this week without a trip to the return center.

First, there’s the Vikings laying 3.5 points to Kansas City, where the wheels are starting to fall off. Only one team can run the ball in this game, and it’s the Vikes. Lay the points.

Now, the Lions have been a train wreck so far this season, but they won’t go 0-18 again. They got to take out their frustrations out on someone so it might as well be at home against Chicago, which is in a fire sale season. Lay the points.

Cincy goes to Buffalo as a 2.5-point fave and the Bills will be down to E.J.  Manuel at QB. Good defensive game won by Cincy by a field goal. Lay the points.

Now, the Hype Game is New England laying 7.5 points to Indy. A lot has been made about the Patriots putting a whuppin’ on the Colts for causing Deflate Gate,. Brady rarely eases up on anyone, let alone an organization that has embarrassed him like no other. Pats in a romp.


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BOOK IT! Friday: Play These Winners or Take Back Those Empties

Once again here we are at BOOK IT! Friday, where Fish Hack offers you steelhead bums some NFL picks so you don’t have to make an empties haul down to the recycling center for next week’s beer money.

Went a pedestrian 2-2 last week to stand at 6-8 for the season, but Hack’s got a suite of games that should put us over .500 by Sunday afternoon.

First, there’s Tampa Bay laying 3 to Jacksonville. Now, Hack’s not a big fan at betting good money on bad games, but gotta grab a seat off the Winston bandwagon here. Bortles ain’t much better, but he won’t throw a pick-six like Winston seems to enjoy doing. With the pick-six, the score just might be 9-3. So take the points with Jax and go ahead and take the under 43 total.

The NY Giants are laying 6 1/2 points at San Francisco. The Giants are better than their record, and the Niners are worse. There’s one quarterback in this game and he’ll more than cover the touchdown. Take the Giants.

Then travel down The 5 to see San Diego laying 3 points to Pittsburgh. That point spread means Vegas thinks they’re even teams with the 3 points going to the home squad. Vick will come back down to earth and realize he’s an aging has-been, so look for him to play that way. Lay the 3 poiints and that 45.5-point under looks pretty inviting as well.


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BOOK IT! Friday: A Four-Play for the Day

Welcome back to BOOK IT! Friday, where Fish Hack is back in gear with the Baltimore win that you Twitter-heads got just before kickoff last night.

Now Hack’s a verrrrrry pedestrian 4-6 on the season and looking forward to a hot October to get deep into the money.

This weekend’s looking fine for some parlays.

First, we got Cincy at home laying 3 1/2 to a wobbly Kansas City team that is coming off a shellacking. Cincy’s the real deal until playoff time and it’s easy to give the Chiefs just over a field goal in what should be an easy win.

Then there’s San Diego laying 7 1/2 points to Johny Eight Ball and the Browns. Run around all you want, little man, ‘cuz turning touchdowns into field goals on the road is a recipe for a double-digit win for Fish Hack and the steelhead bums.

The opposite will happen when Green Bay visits Da Bay laying 8 1/2 points to the 29’ers, who are 20 points worse post Harbaugh and in need of a name change. Rodgers will light up the Santa Clara sky and the only real bet is the over-under of 2 for Colin pick-sixes.

Wrapping it up ins probably the best bet of the week with Arizona at home laying 6. 1/2 points to the Rams. Sure, the Ram bandwagon got some butts in the seats after that Week 1 win verses Seattle, but that win’s looking just as lame as St. Louis since then. As long as Palmer is upright, the Cards will rock through the NFC West so lay those points.


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BOOK IT! Friday: Laying Points and Picking Winners

Welcome back to BOOK IT! Friday, where Fish Hack suffered a half-point loss in the Houston game to fall back to even, which isn’t too bad considering eight dogs won out-right last week and sent a lot of gamers to the recycling center for beer money this week.

But as The Hoodie himself said, “We’re focusing on Week 3.” That we are.

First, Hack’s really likin’ the Steelers laying 2 1/2 points at the Rams. We know what we get with the Steelers. One thing we don’t know is whether we get the Rams that beat the Seahawks or the Rams that tanked it against the Redskins. Thinkin’ more latter than former. Lay the points.

Indy sure Sucked with Luck on Monday, now they travel to Tennessee while laying 3 points to the Titans. Typically Fish Hack avoids Monday Night teams that go on the road in the short week. The Titans, however, looked awful last week and figure Luck will take care of the ball this week, so lay the points.

Finally, we have the J-E-T-S taking on the Chipster in Philly. The boo-birds will be out early and often when the Iggles not just struggle but seem to give up early in this one. Lay the 2.5 points and take NY.


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BOOK IT! Friday On a Short Roll

Welcome back to BOOK IT! Friday, where Fish Hack starts the season 2-1 after splitting two games Sunday and scorching last night’s win with the over. Would be 3-0 if Marcus Mariota didn’t personally fillet the under on his own in that record win over Jax.

Missed the Thursday pick? Gotta follow Fish Hack on Twitter to get it. @MTwriterFreeman

Let’s get to it.

First, there’s Houston at Carolina. A groaner of a regional game that is important only on the ticker. The NFL Red Zone will play a commercial before it gets true highlights from this one. With a 40.5 total on the board, take the under and watch something else.

San Diego travels to Cincy for a game in which the bigger Bengals will push the smallish Chargers around the field like they’re playing shuffleboard. Give San Diego the three points and just hope Andy Dalton doesn’t score for both teams.

Lastly, Baltimore goes to Oakland, where the Commitment to Excrement continues on. The Raiders get six points on the line. That’s more than they’ll put on the scoreboard. Lay the points.


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BOOK IT! Friday Returns

Welcome to the return of BOOK IT! Friday, when Fish Hack weighs in on a couple good NFL wagers so you steelhead bums don’t have to take your empties to the recycling center just to have weekend beer money.

This-here investment service is in its third year now, with the first year putting more than $600 cash in your pocket if you bet $50 on every Fish Hack call that season. Last year? Broke even, but had a hell of a time doing so.

As with most seasons, Fish Hack needs a few games under this-here belt to develop the trends needed to hit good cashes. Until then, there are still some first-week bets that stand out.

First, there’s Tampa Bay verse Tennessee, rookie QB veres rookie QB. Both will struggle and who the hell really cares who wins this one. But the smart money is on the snoozer line. Take the under 42 1/2 point total and watch this punt-fest unfold.

Not so much in the Detroit at San Diego game. Both teams have stacked offenses and should rack up the points under the sun. Detroit is getting three points, but remember that Mathew Stafford is 0-18 on the road against winning teams in his career.

But San Diego isn’t yet a winning team, so back away from that table. Still, the 44 1/2 total looks easily attainable, possibly as early as the start of the fourth quarter.


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HAIKU MONDAY: 99 Problems, Whackin’ Fish Ain’t One

Fish Hack, left, and dinner

Welcome back to Haiku Monday, where Fish Hack is back in the Fish Wrap after spending Saturday in the mobile office on the lower Rogue Bay, turning eyes into X’s on one fine fall chinook in tidewater before they start heading en masse upriver.

Gotta love them bay fish. Troll all day for one bite, then head back with a 24-pound chromer.

Hack’s newest slogan:”I got 99 problems/Whackin’ ¬†fish ain’t one.”

For you few Haiku Monday virgins out there, this is when and where Fish Hack waxes on and off non-Brazilian style about the outdoors and whatever else comes to mind, with a few forms of bad Japanese poetry stuffed in as the schtick.

This-here schtick ended up in the bay with Hack’s bud Brian Winkler on the motor trolling Hack into a chinook just to validate that Hack really does investigate and truthify all that crap in the weekly MT Fishing Report.

Hack says troll a large anchovy with a chartreuse Rogue blade, Hack trolls a large anchovy with a chartreuse Rogue blade.

Took a while, but Hack finally stumbled into this-here chromer thanks to a quick net-job by B-Wink.

Then the work began.

Spend a bit filleting, portioning and vacuum-sealing the carcass and pulled the belly straps for the smoker. Also took some trims for some salmon tacos.

Gotta love chinook:./Bite hard, pull strong, taste awesome./Try that with golf clubs.

But the chinook are on the move out of the bay, and that means the August “spike” of water from Lost Creek Lake into the Rogue River to help those fish get upstream and out of the lower Rogue’s hot summer water.

That’ll put fish in the Lower Rogue Canyon and into the Merlin-Galice area by this weekend.

But they never taste as great as they do plucked right from the bay.

Bay chinook perfect./Sea lice, puny eggs pure chrome./Great place to whack ‘nooks.


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HAIKU MONDAY: On The Perfect Chinook Pyre

Welcome back to Haiku Monday, where Fish Hack is holed up at the Fish Wrap waiting for the smoke to clear enough so rowing the home waters of the Upper Rogue won’t feel like suckin’ down a pack of Camels as Hack did half a life ago.

Too much smoke to row./Steelhead gettin’ a respite/From hack’s plugs, worms, flies.

For you few Haiku Monday virgins out there, this is when and where Fish Hack waxes on and off non-Brazilian style about the outdoors, with a few bad forms of old Japanese poetry sprinkled in as the schtick.

This vast morass of smoke may be choking Fish Hack and plenty others off the water. But it’s providing a much-needed thermal cover over the Rogue to help migrating wild fall chinook survive otherwise lethal water temperatures in the lower Rogue.

Water temps at Agness were forecast to hit 82 degrees last weekend, but the smoke helped reduce the thermal load on the Rogue, and temps are hovering around 77 degree instead.

Still high, but at least the chinook have a shot.

Poached ‘nook not for Hack./Hot water bane of chinook./Stay in the bay, chill..

Fish Hack wants most fall chinook to stay in the bay this week for two reasons.

One, it’s cooler and they can wait another week before augmented flows cool the lower Rogue and improve migration conditions.

And two…Hack’s headed to the bay to turn some chinook eyes into X’s before the mass exodus occurs.

If the ‘nooks are gonna die, it’s best to provide that primo funeral pyre called Hack’s bbq.

Time to hit the bay./Troill ‘chovies, whack two chinook./Better’cued than poached.


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HAIKU MONDAY: On Upper Rogue Double-Dipping

Welcome back to Haiku Monday, where Fish Hack is livin’ the double-dipping life on the upper Rogue River, which happens to be Hack’s home waters.

Should Hack fish for spring chinook or summer steelhead? Yes.

Can’t choose between fish?/Then target steelhead and ‘nooks./Plenty of both here.

For you few Haiku Monday virgins out there, this is when and where Fish Hack waxes on and off non-Brazilian style aboutt the outdoors and whatever the hell else comes to mind while sprinkling in some back versions of old Japanese poetry as the schtick.

Lots of apers out there in the bogosphere, but Hack was the first to marry haiku’s with Northwest fishing, and Hack writes that as if it’s a good thing.

Take blame for haikus?/Hack’s got to stick out somehow/In dumb blogger-sphere.

July is a special time in the upper Rogue because it’s the overlap of two precious runs. The spring chinook run is starting to peter out, but there are late pulses of hatchery fish moving through so it’s generally the time when the percentage of fin-clipped fish in need of seeing their eyes turned into X’s increases.

Plus, the early-run summer steelhead are hanging around. They’re a mix of smallish fish around 19 inches, plus decent numbers of the 8- to 10-pounders.

Target one you can end up catching either. Or both.

That’s why fishing Mag Lip 3.5 plugs is quite the ticket right now. They’re the right size to entice either big summers or bigger chinook when fishied in the deeper runs of the upper Rogue.

Get your Mag Lip on./Pop both chinook and steelhead./Good time to go Rogue.

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