Things that go boom in the night

July 4 is fast approaching. And a lot of folks are super excited about the pending festivities. Who doesn’t like a fiery display of flash-bang-boom?

Um… The answer to that would be many of our sound-sensitive pets.

Each year many dogs run away at the sound of fireworks, which can be going off nightly for a week. Jackson County Animal Care and Control shelter sees dozens of extra dogs in the month of July because of the fireworks, and there’s often no way to know where they came from because the majority don’t have any ID.

It’s an equally frustrating time for the Southern Oregon Humane Society. People call and say they’ve lost a pet. Others come in from those who have found one. Sometimes they match. Sometimes they don’t.

It’s important for people whose dog has bolted to contact the humane society, the animal shelter and the vet offices. If possible, bring in or e-mail photos to the shelters and vet offices, because one person’s description of a dog may not match another’s of the same animal. One person’s border collie mix is another person’s Aussie mix. Also, visit the county shelter frequently. Do not assume one phone call will suffice. New dogs may come in daily. And you’d be surprised how long it might take for your pet to settle down enough to be found.

The best solution for this annual dilemma is for dog owners to think ahead and keep their pets inside — in a cool, comfortable, contained area with a roof on it – during fireworks season. Here are some more tips:

  • Be sure your dog is wearing contact information on a dog tag or collar at all times, and have an identifying microchip implanted.
  • If your dog vanishes, check lost and found ads and visit the animal shelter frequently.
  • Have a photo of your dog on hand that you can send to the county shelter and humane society.
  • Stay with your dog while fireworks are going off and create some distracting noise such as music.

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