Too hot to travel with dogs

This summertime plea goes out to all dog owners - Please! Please! Please! Do NOT leave your dog in the car. Not even to dash into the store, post office or drop off a Jell-O mold at the kiddies’ pool party.

Each year we run stories about the dangers of hot cars and pets. Each year we lose beloved animals to this totally preventable tragedy.

As temperatures soar, hundreds of beloved canine companions are unintentionally killed or injured each year by being left in hot cars, even with windows cracked and only for a short time.

Don’t forget your dog is wearing a fur coat. According to the Animal Protection Institute, a 2007 study by San Francisco State University found that temperatures inside a car with the windows cracked can rise almost 20 degrees in 10 minutes, 35 degrees in 30 minutes and as much as 50 degrees in one hour.

Heatstroke can lead to organ shutdown and intestinal damage. A dog who is panting heavily, appears anxious, has glazed eyes or a rapid heart rate or is vomiting may have heatstroke and should immediately be placed in an environment with cool air and rushed to a veterinary care center.

If people see an animal or child trapped inside a hot car, they should call the police immediately, especially during the summertime

Leaving a pet in a vehicle can lead to charges of animal neglect if a person intentionally, knowingly, recklessly or with criminal negligence fails to provide minimum care for an animal in his or her care.

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