Houdini dog takes it on the lam

Woof! Woof! Woof! Gotta love a good dog tail….er… tale. But this one has gone a bit viral.

Speaking of viruses… Jack, the beloved German Shepherd of Marsha Bellici, was deathly sick with some sort of funky flu last week when Bellici shagged her pooch to Best Friend Animal Hospital in Medford.

Both Bellici and her vet, Dr. Shannon Sierra, had concerns about Jack’s survival based on his symptoms. Poor fellow had pneumonia-like chest rattles, zero appetite and was placed on IV antibiotics. We are talking sick as the proverbial dog, here.

Little did anyone know just 72-hours later, after Jack busted free from his Medford vet’s office ,tripped burglary alarms, door locks and caused heart palpitations in the humans desperately searching for him, he’d end up home safe – and an internet star?

The story hit Tuesday’s paper and took off like a jack (sorry) rabbit. MSNBC, cbsnews.com, chicagotribune.com, thestar.com (Toronto Star) and dogpostdaily.com hopped on the Houdini dog train. There are dozens more, including extremeskins.com, which describes itself as the official message board of the Washington Redskins football team.

It’s been the most read story in the Mail Tribune for the past two days. Editors are now second-guessing Jack’s original placement. Perhaps he should have been on the front page, as suggested by our city editor as a joke.

Personally, I thought Jack’s story was fun. Loved that the police responded to the alarms twice and saw the large dog at large in the vet’s office.

But for a really compelling story, check out this one about Titan, The 150-lb Great Dane who went missing for 16 days in Portland, only to be reunited with his Ashland owner after being rescued off a muddy cliff by a tiny slip of a woman.

Meanwhile, there’s this recent column where my own critters  are vying for their 15-minutes of fame – and giving me a heart attack in the process.

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