Ten Bucks a Tom

A recent story about the plethora of unclaimed adult cats at Jackson County’s animal shelter begs the proverbial question: Why do we have so many unwanted pets?

The obvious answer is irresponsible pet owners who do not spay/neuter their animals – letting them wander about procreating willy nilly. The folks at SNYP (spay/neuter your pet) put it well in their blurb announcing July’s efforts to get unfixed tom cats…er… snipped - for the low, low price of $10.  

Summer is all about warm evenings, soft breezes and lots of back alley action. And while we’re enjoying backyard BBQs, unfixed toms are cruising the streets looking for action, they said.

Less than 30 percent of cats that are fixed are males, yet they contribute to the cat overpopulation problem more than any single female. Unalterered male cats does not have a heat cyle. He’s always ready. So let’s do the math. While a female cat can have up to three litters a year, an active male cat can be responsible for impregnating dozens of females which can result in hundreds of kittens. 

Thanks to SNYP, beginning July 1 anyone in Jackson County can get their male cat fixed for just $10. This will not only help save lives by cutting down significantly on the pet overpopulation problem, neutering your tom also reduces spraying, cat fights and injuries.

So get it done, folks. Please.  

Certificates will be sold at Pet Country, Medford Mini Pet Mart on Stewart and the Grange Co-ops in Medford, Ashland and White City. For more information, email SNYP at snyp@spayneuter.org.

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