Get Ready To Rumba

I really wanted to use this space and your time to talk about Harry Potter … but even the teen wizard has lost his place atop the pop universe this week to the soap opera that has become the finals of “Dancing With The Stars.”

As we know, the melodrama concerns the continuing presence of Bristol Palin on the dance competition series. Many are crying foul, saying that her mother’s popularity and the hyper-charged political reality of the present — where it’s more important to win than to be right — have led to a flood of votes for Bristol.

This hasn’t set well with some folks – mostly bloggers, dance purists and the occasional man in Wisconsin who would rather take a gun to his television set than bear the sight of Palin defeating Jennifer Grey and Kyle Massey in the “Dancing” finale.

The Palins, meanhwile, have tried to steer clear of the trouble, Sarah saying it makes no sense that they’d have time to rally support from the tea party and elsewhere; Bristol saying that her fans just want to see a non-celebrity win the competition.

Sarah Palin, as you might expect, has bigger fish to fry.  Next week she has a book coming out, “America by Heart: Reflections on Family, Faith, and Flag,” in which she has harsh words for another political-popularity contest.

“American Idol.”

According to a story from The Associated Press, she refers to “talent-deprived” contestants of “Idol” who suffer from “the cult of self-esteem.”

“No one they have encountered in their lives — from their parents to their teachers to their president — wanted them to feel bad by hearing the truth,” she writes. “So they grew up convinced that they could become big pop stars like Michael Jackson.”

Jackson was a pretty fair dancer as well.

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