Help us build the Rogue Valley’s dream golf course

We in the Mail Tribune sports department thought it would be fun to create a regulation, 18-hole golf course using existing holes at golf courses in our area. Now we need you to tell us which holes you like best from 18-hole courses Centennial, Eagle Point, Rogue Valley Country Club and Stone Ridge, and nine-hole courses Cedar Links, Oak Knoll, Quail Point and Stewart Meadows.

Each week we’ll put up a new survey and ask you to select a number of par 3, par 4 or par 5 holes. There are 117 holes to choose from, and all will be listed at some point. We’ll have three weeks of voting on par 4s as there are 69 of them. We’ll then take the top vote-getters and have a final fourth week of voting. The par 3s and par 5s will each be done with one week of voting.

You can vote as often as you like, and you decide the criteria for what makes the best holes: difficulty, character, hazards or lack thereof. It’s up to you. When voting is complete, we’ll have an 18-hole course with 10 par 4s, four par 3s and four par 5s. We’ll announce the results in a package toward the end of summer.

To take part, go to


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