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The first thing I bought for my wedding? M&M’s.

Purple and gold M&M’s, to be exact.

It was Thanksgiving weekend. I don’t know how it happened, but my mom and I landed on the M&M’s website. They were discounting bulk orders for a Black Friday special. We looked at the wedding M&M’s (only for fun, of course) and how to customize them. You can use stock photos from the M&M’s website database, upload your own, and write your own messages. And the candies were available in every color of the rainbow, including my wedding colors.

We tried different combinations of texts and pictures until we finally arrived at the perfect product.

I was hooked. I wanted to place an order and get the lower price, but there was a problem. My fiance was out of town for Thanksgiving visiting family. I wanted him to see our candy creation and didn’t want to buy something for the wedding without getting his thoughts too. After all, the day is about the both of us, not just me.

My mom suggested I call or text him because the Black Friday deal only lasted through midnight. I texted him, explaining the M&M’s, the colors, the words and pictures, and the great price. He loved it!

I got back on the website and placed the order. A week or so later, a couple pounds of M&M’s landed on our doorstep. And without a date for the wedding (yes, still no date) the candy found a cozy home in our freezer until we would eventually prepare them for the big day.



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