Setting the Date

The day had arrived. No, not the wedding! We had (finally) set the date.

We didn’t have an epiphany and our decision wasn’t accompanied by fanfare. My fiance and I decided on our wedding date while driving home from viewing a possible venue. Maybe it was the serene Southern Oregon scenery which helped us decide. Or maybe we were influenced by a twinge of panic and the overwhelming desire to just pick a day. Any day. The former sounds more romantic. The latter is how it actually happened.

We picked our day with practicality in mind. It was between holidays in the summer, so traveling would be easy for out-of-town guests. After we announced our wedding date, many people asked if it had special meaning or significance. Remembering our drive home and conversation in the car, we explained the day had no special meaning. We simply picked a day that worked.

Some people were unhappy our date wasn’t “special,” which upset us. If anyone else had a similar reaction, we politely explained while the day had no previous significance, it would in the future because it was our wedding day. What began as a normal, run-of-the-mill day would forever remain special in our hearts.

My advice to you? Choose whatever day you want for your wedding. If it falls on an already special day (such as your first date), that’s great. If not, that’s great too. You’ll cherish your wedding day for years — decades — with your best friend by your side. And that is more special than a number on the calendar.






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