The Dress: Part Two

I felt confident returning to the bridal shop once we set a date for the wedding. Now I could give the consultant some direction regarding my dress. Of course I didn’t know what style I wanted, but at least I had a season (summertime) to work with.

During my second trip I had a couple favorites from my first appointment I tried on again. They were nice, but that was the problem. Just nice. Not spectacular or amazing; and none gave me that “feeling” brides get on wedding shows.

The consultant brought a few more options but nothing felt right. So far this appointment was a bust. Was I going to leave empty-handed again? Two appointments seemed acceptable, but the prospect of a third felt disappointing. I know now the number of appointments isn’t important. What matters is a bride is satisfied with her dress. But I didn’t believe this at the time. I had to learn it on my own, as I’m sure many other brides do.

The consultant had another idea before my appointment ended. She suggested a trumpet style gown — fitted in the body and flared at the bottom. It was a style I hated but would at least try. She brought out the dress and my first impression was it looked like mummy wrappings. I wasn’t hopeful.

I slipped on the dress and stepped onto the platform. I loved it.

It fit my shape well and I loved the flare. I knew it would spin and flow gracefully behind me wherever I walked. It had a short train and straps (two of my must-haves) and I liked the warm, ivory color. Perfect for a summer wedding.

Suddenly the noise of people talking and bustling around dissipated. I saw myself in the mirror and knew. This was the dress. I said so out loud, surprising my mom and the consultant. My appointment ended with hugs, smiles, lots of pictures and ringing the store’s bell to signify my choice. I felt like a bride.



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