Don’t Panic!

Wedding vendors fill up fast, especially the good ones. Fortunately I didn’t have to find this out the hard way, but there were a couple close calls. It amazed me how many brides had the same wedding day as me and wanted the same vendor I did. Small world, huh?

I knew we had a tight-knit community, but it gets even smaller when you’re planning a wedding. Suddenly every woman on the street is a potential bride-to-be and planning her wedding for the same day as yours. And her phone call to reserve a vendor may have come in just minutes before yours.

I’m not saying wedding planning is cutthroat, or that you should make it that way. Nobody wants to be a bridezilla, but you need to be on your toes to get what you want for a wedding. Is there a particular DJ you want to book? Don’t wait! Get on the phone and meet with her. If this person is as good as you believe, she’s probably almost booked solid. You need to call, set up a meeting and hopefully book her for your wedding. Repeat this process with other vendors you want.

So, does being in control of what you want for your wedding make you a bridezilla? Definitely not! Be confident in your choices and decisions. Take decisive action when necessary, but always maintain a positive attitude and practice compassion.



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