Planning, Sorting and Scheduling — Oh, My!

I ordered my dress. I set a date. Now I needed to find vendors to play music, take video and cater.

One of the benefits of attending the wedding show was all the people I met. There were vendors for every wedding thing imaginable. And I had duplicates and triplicates of all their cards.

I poured out all the brochures and cards I’d gathered from the wedding show. I sorted everything by type of vendor. I tossed aside some of the business cards I wasn’t interested in, decreasing the amount of things to sort through. I felt like I had accomplished something when my wedding show schwag was thoughtfully sorted into piles on the floor.

I had a game plan. Cake could wait, and so could a caterer, because the wedding was over eight months away. But I’d heard DJs booked quickly, especially the one I wanted. I took her card and put it in my purse. I would call on Monday. Then a videographer after that.

Sorting through everything took a while but made my future endeavors much easier. I knew the vendors I wanted. Now I started the next phase of my wedding journey: contacting these businesses and booking their services.



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