So Much Music, So Little Time

“What kind of music do you like?” isn’t usually a question that confuses someone. Everyone knows their favorite genres, songs and artists. I know these things, but drew a complete blank when the DJ asked during our first meeting.

“Well…I like a lot of things, I guess.”

Her sweet, knowing smile told me she’d received this type of answer before. Still smiling, she handed me a list of the 200 most popular wedding songs in 2014. My eyes grew large; this is just what I needed! A pre-made list I could add or remove songs and check off the ones I liked.

We firmed up the details, going through her contract and information sheet line by line. She asked me questions regarding the venue, date, people involved in the bridal party, etc. I answered her questions diligently and proudly until we rounded back to the music question.

“I like a lot of genres. Can I just tell you the music I don’t like?”

She nodded. Success! I requested the types of music not to play. I knew this DJ was the one for our wedding. She was confident, seasoned, kind and easy to talk to. She was almost like having a wedding planner and DJ rolled into one. Even though her partner would be our DJ for the wedding because she was already booked, I was completely confident he would be just as great (spoiler: he was!).

Knowing there were other brides waiting to meet with her, and book her for the same day, I eagerly signed the contract and paid via card using her iPhone. That was another new experience. I felt tech-savvy and accomplished. Now I had another assignment; review the list of 200 songs and mark what I liked and disliked.

I checked off another item on my wedding to-do list. Suddenly this wedding planning business didn’t seem so hard. I could handle this. And so can you.


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