Adventures in Table Decorations

Once we chose the venue we measured the tables to estimate how many guests per table, and how to decorate around place settings accordingly.

Currently, I had one table decoration; personalized purple and gold M&Ms placed in small bags. This was also my take-home gift for guests. Other than plates, utensils and glasses, my tables were bare. Stark white and not decorated. Oh boy. Where would I even begin?

Like so many of my wedding decisions, I knew what I did not want. I liked flowers, but beyond bouquets and boutonnieres, I wasn’t using flowers for table decorations. I knew I’d never find homes for all the arrangements after the wedding. But that forced me to be creative. I searched Pinterest, Google Images, asked friends and debated the pros and cons of each with my mom and fiance. I had no idea table decorations would be such a big part of my wedding planning.

I bounced back and forth between candles (real or fake?), water beads, candles floating in water, mason jars and countless other ideas.

I finally arrived at an option I liked: glass bowls filled with purple and gold beads, with electric tea candles sitting atop the beads. However, even this choice evolved over time. The main concept was the same, but we later encircled each bowl with fake purple and yellow flowers.

Reaching a final decision took months and many shopping trips. Recalling the journey from new idea to finished product makes me remember that in wedding planning, and in life, to not forget the details. We always try to see “the big picture” but it’s usually fuzzy and unclear. Don’t ignore the details of your wedding, or the smallest moments of your day. In each, you’ll find clarity. The path to “the big picture” suddenly becomes clearer because you’ve shifted your focus. Now you’re planning with passion and things fall into place.



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