Capturing It All On Video

With wedding puzzle pieces falling into place, my next thought was capturing our day. Video was a no-brainer. And so was my first choice for a videographer. I’d met him briefly at the wedding show; he had a good product, great reviews and was easy to talk to. We quickly set up a meeting.

The day of the meeting arrived. I waited in the coffee shop for the videographer, scanning the crowd inside. I didn’t remember what he looked like, yet I somehow thought I could find him among the other customers. After a few minutes I received a text from the videographer saying he’d arrived and seated at a corner table. I looked over, saw a man put his phone down, and knew it was him. He’d been inside the coffee shop the entire time! Smiling and shaking my head, I approached him and introduced myself. He was also booking up fast, especially for the summer.

Usually I don’t make decisions quickly. I think, research, think some more, move onto consideration, sprinkle in a little more research and then make a decision. But with these wedding vendors I was under a time crunch. They did spectacular work and everyone wanted them. I didn’t have time for my usual lengthy decision-making process. I had to trust my instincts.

And I did; with the videographer and several other decisions. I don’t regret a single choice I made for the wedding. Trusting my instincts resulted in an amazing day I’ll always cherish. If you like to consider every angle before making a decision, like me, I challenge you to go with your gut. Let go of that long process. This time, make your choice based on how you feel.



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