Let’s Dance!

Remember the list of 200 wedding songs I mentioned before that I was so excited to have? Well, even among all those songs, I couldn’t find THE song; the song for our first dance. I liked most of the songs on the DJ’s list, but none of them were quite right for our first dance as husband and wife. For that I had to get creative.

I started a running list in my head of all our favorite songs. Did any have special meaning? Was there a song playing in the background when we first met? Despite our efforts we couldn’t remember a song with any significance.

While scrolling through my Facebook feed one day I saw a “Scrubs” post. As a fan of the show I enjoy the occasional throwback to the episodes, which my fiance and I have watched many, many times. The post was of J.D. and his girlfriend at the time wearing wizard hats with a catchy meme written across the photo. Then it struck me! The song from that episode was awesome; an uplifting, romantic tune we both loved. I grabbed the information sheet for our DJ and on the “first dance” line I wrote “Hey Julie” by the Fountains of Wayne.

Anyone familiar with the song knows it’s not typical for weddings. No slow dancing to this one. It was upbeat, fun and perfectly encapsulated us. I knew it may surprise a few guests but this would make our first dance memorable.

No one else dances that first dance except for you and your future spouse. You see into each other’s eyes, no one else’s, and will always remember one another’s smiles and laughter. Let your first dance song encompass the spirit of your relationship and set the tone for your future.



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