Wedding Party Woes

Choosing the people in your wedding party is a happy time. Many couples find creative, fun ways to break the news. Some brides craft and decorate small boxes which contain the name of the bridesmaid (or maid of honor) along with a couple of wedding-related trinkets. Whether you celebrate your wedding party choices with fanfare or keep it simple, who you pick is also important. These people stand by your side, possibly sign your marriage certificate and help you retain your sanity before and during the wedding.

Our experience was slightly bittersweet because many of our friends lived several hours away, or in different states. We each had someone in mind for a best man and maid of honor, but felt disheartened at first that we didn’t have more than that. Was our wedding party too small? Did we not have enough friends? It was a lonely place to be, but we were the ones who put those thoughts in our heads.

We asked our two friends to be the best man and maid of honor. Each enthusiastically agreed. Their happiness ignited our joy. Suddenly, we didn’t feel so sad about a four-person wedding party. It felt intimate. Once we accepted this, we were content. We didn’t feel the need to add more people.

Your wedding party may be large or small. Honestly, the size doesn’t matter. If each person involved is special to you, and is happy to be included, then it’s right. Simple as that.



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