Invitations: Part One

There are many, many places to get invitations. Some people make them by hand; others buy generic versions at Michael’s or Walmart and add little personal touches. Our invitation endeavor was much simpler. My fiance’s aunt and uncle work at a card company in California which makes beautiful cards and invitations of all shapes and sizes. This was evident in every birthday or holiday card we received in the mail.

When I texted his aunt saying we wanted them to do our invitations, and asking what we should do next, her messages were filled with joy. My phone (an older model at the time) could barely handle the influx of texts!

The first order of business, which I believe would be the same with any card vendor, was to review the website. Several choices were available, all pretty in their own ways. Some I liked immediately, so I easily narrowed it down to three or four.

I wanted my fiance’s honest opinion on what he liked and disliked. I admit my technique was slightly underhanded to obtain this information. I told him I’d already reviewed the online samples and really liked a few of them. I asked him to look at everything and then tell me his favorites. I figured we could compare each of our choices. He agreed this was a good way to go.

After a few minutes, he also picked three or four he liked the best. What happened next totally shocked me. His favorites were the same as mine. Exactly the same as mine. I knew our tastes were similar, but, that’s very similar! It was a pleasant surprise, one we still laugh about today.

We eventually chose our favorite which had a chalkboard theme and complimented our venue’s rustic feel. Our next task was deciding who to invite. Many couples have problems narrowing down their guest list. This was another interesting experience for us. But that’s a tale for another time.



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