Icing on the cake

What began as a Google search to prove it existed became our wedding cake topper.

I love dragons. To the extreme. I have many toy dragons given as gifts — big ones, small ones and ones that roar when squeezed. And they have names. But I digress.

One evening the discussion turned to cake toppers. I remarked how cool a dragon cake topper would be. My mom eyed me skeptically, not believing such a thing existed. Then the previously mentioned Google search started.

We quickly discovered there were tons of dragon cake toppers. Most were thin frames of dragons molded into a heart shape. This amused us for much longer than it should have.

Toward the end of our dragon journey we found a woman with an Etsy shop who made cake toppers that resembled all sorts of creatures, even dragons. In fact, it was her dragon cake topper which changed our search from silly to serious.

Two dragons sat atop a gray clay heart, noses touched in a kiss and tails wrapped together in a smaller heart. The male dragon was dressed as a groom with a black top hat, and the female dragon wore a white, lacy veil.

My heart swelled at the sight of the cake topper. I knew I wanted it for our wedding cake. When I got home I showed my fiance the photo and he loved it. I ordered the topper the next morning. The craftswoman would send it out a few weeks before the wedding so we still had months before it would arrive.

Nevertheless, when it arrived, it was everything we desired. The colors reflected the theme of our wedding and the dragons were even more adorable than in the photo. The topper was also much heavier than we anticipated. Too heavy to put on a cake without crushing it. But this didn’t deter us. Our precious husband-and-wife dragons sat prominently beside our cake on our wedding day, matching the cake perfectly.


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