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The Dress: Part Two

I felt confident returning to the bridal shop once we set a date for the wedding. Now I could give the consultant some direction regarding my dress. Of course I didn’t know what style I wanted, but at least I had a season (summertime) to work with. During my second trip I had a couple […]

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Setting the Date

The day had arrived. No, not the wedding! We had (finally) set the date. We didn’t have an epiphany and our decision wasn’t accompanied by fanfare. My fiance and I decided on our wedding date while driving home from viewing a possible venue. Maybe it was the serene Southern Oregon scenery which helped us decide. […]

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Tasty Table Decorations

The first thing I bought for my wedding? M&M’s. Purple and gold M&M’s, to be exact. It was Thanksgiving weekend. I don’t know how it happened, but my mom and I landed on the M&M’s website. They were discounting bulk orders for a Black Friday special. We looked at the wedding M&M’s (only for fun, […]

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The Wedding Show of a Lifetime

When a bride-to-be doesn’t know how to plan a wedding, or the availability of local vendors, her first stop should be the annual Southern Oregon Wedding Show. And that’s exactly where I went. With  my mom and maid of honor at my side, we entered the world of all things bridal. The Medford Armory’s transformation […]

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The Dress: Part One

A few weeks passed since our engagement. Our first order of business was telling our friends and family. For a few days my phone received a record-breaking number of texts. After that, we were clueless what to do next. We didn’t have a venue or date – didn’t even know the month we wanted it […]

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She Said Yes! Now What?

One night my boyfriend and I returned home from a night out with friends. During the drive home we decided to watch an episode of “Gilmore Girls” and then go to bed. I’m a huge fan of the show and it felt like I had waited a lifetime for my boyfriend to join me so […]

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