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Icing on the cake

What began as a Google search to prove it existed became our wedding cake topper. I love dragons. To the extreme. I have many toy dragons given as gifts — big ones, small ones and ones that roar when squeezed. And they have names. But I digress. One evening the discussion turned to cake toppers. [...]

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Invitations: Part One

There are many, many places to get invitations. Some people make them by hand; others buy generic versions at Michael’s or Walmart and add little personal touches. Our invitation endeavor was much simpler. My fiance’s aunt and uncle work at a card company in California which makes beautiful cards and invitations of all shapes and [...]

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Wedding Party Woes

Choosing the people in your wedding party is a happy time. Many couples find creative, fun ways to break the news. Some brides craft and decorate small boxes which contain the name of the bridesmaid (or maid of honor) along with a couple of wedding-related trinkets. Whether you celebrate your wedding party choices with fanfare [...]

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Let’s Dance!

Remember the list of 200 wedding songs I mentioned before that I was so excited to have? Well, even among all those songs, I couldn’t find THE song; the song for our first dance. I liked most of the songs on the DJ’s list, but none of them were quite right for our first dance [...]

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Capturing It All On Video

With wedding puzzle pieces falling into place, my next thought was capturing our day. Video was a no-brainer. And so was my first choice for a videographer. I’d met him briefly at the wedding show; he had a good product, great reviews and was easy to talk to. We quickly set up a meeting. The [...]

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Adventures in Table Decorations

Once we chose the venue we measured the tables to estimate how many guests per table, and how to decorate around place settings accordingly. Currently, I had one table decoration; personalized purple and gold M&Ms placed in small bags. This was also my take-home gift for guests. Other than plates, utensils and glasses, my tables [...]

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So Much Music, So Little Time

“What kind of music do you like?” isn’t usually a question that confuses someone. Everyone knows their favorite genres, songs and artists. I know these things, but drew a complete blank when the DJ asked during our first meeting. “Well…I like a lot of things, I guess.” Her sweet, knowing smile told me she’d received [...]

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Finally, We Have a Place to Go!

It would be very embarrassing to call on wedding vendors without a venue booked first. But that almost happened to me. We narrowed our choices down to two places located on opposite sides of the valley. We viewed each place once and were leaning toward the first venue because everything else paled in comparison. They [...]

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Planning, Sorting and Scheduling — Oh, My!

I ordered my dress. I set a date. Now I needed to find vendors to play music, take video and cater. One of the benefits of attending the wedding show was all the people I met. There were vendors for every wedding thing imaginable. And I had duplicates and triplicates of all their cards. I [...]

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Don’t Panic!

Wedding vendors fill up fast, especially the good ones. Fortunately I didn’t have to find this out the hard way, but there were a couple close calls. It amazed me how many brides had the same wedding day as me and wanted the same vendor I did. Small world, huh? I knew we had a [...]

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